ED at New Hanover Regional

New Hanover Regional Medical Center (NHRMC) is a Level II Trauma Center and regional referral center. Our 37-bed Emergency Department has 80,000 visits per year and serves both adult and pediatric patients.

We treat a wide range of injuries and medical issues and all ages from infants to geriatrics. We see a significant amount of traumas, STEMIs, and strokes. NHRMC is an open-heart center and we have a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

Our ED has a culture of learning, teaching and mentorship. Our practice is evidence-based and we stay up-to-date on the latest research and trends in Emergency Nursing and Emergency Medicine. We have triage protocols and point triage.

The techs, nurses and physicians in our ED work very well together. We respect each other and we're all focused on making sure that our patients are satisfied.

Our physicians are board-certified in Emergency Medicine and a large percentage of our nurses are certified Emergency Nurses. All of our nurses are strongly encouraged to become CEN certified.

We prefer nurses with experience in a similar Emergency Department, but also take nurses with three to five years experience.

Shared Governance

Our active Unit-Based Practice Council combines staff nurses, patient care techs and unit educators. Nurses are very involved in patient-care decisions and policy decisions in the unit.


We have 24/7 leadership in the department, and our coordinators have many years of experience. We also have SANE nurses as a resource. Our physicians are very interested and collaborate closely with us in our work to improve quality in our department. Two nurse educators who are masters-level clinicians with extensive ED backgrounds work within the department.


We provide each nurse who joins us with an extensive orientation based on how much they need to learn. Six weeks is a typical amount of time for nurses who have experience in a comparable ED. For people with different backgrounds, orientation is extended.

Apply today to join us or contact Christine Warwick at (910) 815-5252 or Email Christine for more information.